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Newsletter 14

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Democracy and Poverty

International IDEA will hold its fifth annual Democracy Forum from 8 - 9 June 2000 on the theme of "democracy, poverty and social exclusion".

Many books have been written on the concepts of poverty and democracy, but the links between these two concepts have not been fully explored. This year’s Democracy Forum aims to bring together regional approaches; share field experiences and lessons learned from poverty alleviation and democracy assistance programmes; and formulate concrete ways in which democracy assistance and poverty alleviation initiatives could reinforce one another. The Forum will examine whether improving the quality of democractic governance is itself a strategy for poverty alleviation.

To prepare for the Forum, International IDEA is commissioning papers on relevant topics and planning a series of regional seminars in Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and the former Soviet Union area, from February-April 2000. The Forum, which will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, will bring together approximately 80 people representing academics, donors, democracy assistance and poverty alleviation agencies, the United Nations, local non-governmental organizations, and the media.


Newsletter 14
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