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Conflict Management

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Democracy and Global Co-operation at the United Nations

Many organizations work in conflict management. What gives International IDEA its niche in this area, and its added value, is in overtly linking conflict management to democracy, both in viewing and using the institutions of democracy as conflict management tools, and in approaching conflict management within civil society as a focused support for sustainable democracy. This focus, which directs specific resolutions toward democratic outcomes, brings a clarity from which we can draw both a clearer direction for the Conflict Management Programme's work and a clearer definition of International IDEA's niche. Over time, International IDEA will establish the Democracy and Conflict Management unit as a key international resource providing advice, information and networks to practitioners and policy-makers, civil and political, around the world, and also in advising and guiding the international community as it develops its policies and orientations to Conflict Management and Conflict Prevention.

In specific terms, the Programme offers practical tools to democratizers, both through our colleagues in International IDEA's Field Division and through external partners, in the form of Handbooks, curricula, inventories, reviews, advice, seminars and training workshops. We also offer input in the design of specific democratization processes to ensure the inclusion of successful conflict management ingredients in such design.


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