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International IDEA's Work

International IDEA's Work

Sustainable Electoral Processes
Political Participation
Democracy Building and Conflict Management

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Electoral System Design
Voter Turnout
South Eastern Europe
Burkina Faso
Georgia and the South Caucasus
Gender and Political Participation

International IDEA aims to:

  • Assist countries in building the capacity to develop and strengthen democratic institutions and to identify and reinforce the position of key democratic actors.
  • Provide a forum for dialogue between researchers and policymakers, activists and professionals in the area of democratic processes.
  • Synthesize research and field experience, and develop practical tools to help improve democratic processes.
  • Promote transparency, accountability and efficiency in relation to the management of elections.
  • Facilitate assessment, monitoring and promotion of democracy by local citizens.

RegionsInternational IDEA helps countries build democracy from the ground up. The Institute collaborates with members of the international democracy community, as well as with local stakeholders in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Arab World and the South Caucasus. Read more...


Sustainable Electoral ProcessesThe current direction for the elections-related work of International IDEA is towards the promotion and enhancement of quality and sustainability in election structures, election administration, and in international election work. This includes commitment to:

  • quality - enhancing the skills and the confidence of election managers; and
  • sustainability - enhancing the permanence, professionalism, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the electoral process.


Political ParticipationThe key aim of the political participation thematic area is to provide well-documented comparative information on ways of enhancing citizen participation in democratic processes.


Democracy Building and Conflict ManagementMany organizations work in conflict management. What gives International IDEA its niche in this area, and its added value, is in overtly linking conflict management to democracy, both in viewing and using the institutions of democracy as conflict management tools, and in approaching conflict management within civil society as a focused support for sustainable democracy.






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