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Regions: Mozambique

Since 2002 International IDEA has been engaged in a project in Mozambique to support and strengthen electoral processes through capacity building training within the election management body. The project has been implemented through a partnership between STAE (the Election Administration Technical Secretariat of Mozambique) and IDEA.

The project started in 2002 when IDEA and STAE conducted a capacity building training project for 77 of the permanent national and provincial STAE staff. The training course used is known as “the BRIDGE Project”. The BRIDGE project is a comprehensive capacity-building training curriculum for electoral administrators developed by International IDEA in partnership with the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division (UNEAD). The curriculum covers all aspect of elections and uses an activities-based adult learning methodology to build capacity and enhance professionalism. In addition to Mozambique BRIDGE training has been held in East Timor, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, Palestine, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

In Mozambique a special 10-day BRIDGE pilot course was designed to meet the specific needs of STAE. The course was attended by the permanent STAE personnel from all provinces in the country as well as staff from the national STAE based in Maputo. One 10 day course was held in each of the three regions between October and December 2002. The project was funded by a contribution from Finland and Denmark.

The success of the pilot project in 2002 lead to IDEA and STAE cooperating on joint activities in 2003 based on improving operational training material and training techniques in STAE for the 2003 local government elections. This included the development of operational training courses and material for the used by STAE for the 2003 local government elections. The BRIDGE training Material and Methodology were adapted to create training courses and materials on Voter Registration and Election Day “Polling and Counting”. These courses will be used by STAE to train their personnel for the local elections and general elections in 2004.

The operational training courses developed have been integrated into the existing STAE training programme. Two “Train the Trainers” courses were held to teach the STAE national trainers the new teaching methodology and course content. The training was conducted by the national STAE Department of Training.

Building on the work done on course development and improving training capacity within the EMB in 2003 IDEA and STAE conducted a further activity funded by Finland and Ireland. The project provided 2 days of training for the 110 members of the 11 Provincial Electoral Commissions (CPE) and the 330 members of the 33 District Electoral Commissions (CDE) as well as the 33 directors of the 33 District STAEs in preparation for the 2003 Municipal Government Elections. The training sessions were held in each province and covered the role of the electoral commissions in the election process. The training was held during October 2003.

In 2004 the project will continue to focus on capacity building training for the election management body in preparation for the 2004 General and Presidential Election scheduled for the end of the year.

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