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Regions: Slovakia

The recent democratic developments in Slovakia and their strategic importance for consolidating the transition to democracy in central and Eastern Europe present a range of challenges and opportunities to democratic forces within the country itself and throughout the region as a whole.

International IDEA's programme in Slovakia started in 2000. It has focused on three themes:

  • Local governance;
  • Increased participation of women in the political process; and
  • The electoral system.

The themes are linked because there has been an increase of non-discriminatory legislation and gender awareness in Slovakia at the national and regional levels. In September 2000, the Institute published a report on Advancing Democracy in Slovakia through Local Self-Governance - Lessons Learned from other European Countries both in English and Slovak.

The 2001-2003 Slovakia programme is aimed at consolidating achievements, promoting dialogue and helping to set national and regional agendas for democratic development and regional integration. To this end a series of activities will be undertaken at national and regional levels. The emphasis will be on the Slovak state in general and civil society in particular and will reach out to other regional actors from Visegrad countries, Eastern Europe, the EU and the OSCE.

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