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Regions: Southern Cone (MERCOSUR)

Southern Cone (MERCOSUR)

Late last year, International IDEA sponsored the creation of the Permanent Mechanism for Co-operation of the Electoral Management Bodies of the MERCOSUR, Bolivia and Chile (MEPE-CEM) in order to provide the economic integration scheme currently under way (MERCOSUR) with an electoral/political profile based on the Democratic Clause adopted at the Summit of the Presidents of South America held in Brazil in August 2000.

Currently progress has been made with MEPECEM and the Centre for Training on Regional Integration (CEFIR) to co-operate organizing a specialist seminar to assess the current conditions, threats to and opportunities for democracy in the MERCOSUR area. The intention is to bring together experts, government officials and civil-society representatives from the countries in the region to discuss the prospects for democracy, both at regional and national levels.

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