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Regions: Latin America


International IDEA continues to pay close attention to developments in the region, both through country-specific programmes and work on crosscutting thematic issues. The Institute has been working in many countries in the region, prominently in Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and Paraguay.

The Institute has published a Spanish edition of its Handbook Democracy and Deep-rooted Conflict: Options for Negotiators. The Spanish edition, titled Democracia y Conflictos Profundamente arraigados. Opciones para la Negociación, is not merely a translation of the original English edition but is also updated and regionalized, incorporating Latin American case studies and analyses. The publication was launched in August 2001 in an International Forum titled 'Challenges to the Construction of Peace' held in Bogotá, Colombia, organized jointly by International IDEA, the University for Peace, Universidad Javeriana, Universidad Sergio Arboleda and the Swedish Agency for Development Co-operation.

In 2001, International IDEA and the University for Peace (UPEACE) developed a framework for areas of co-operation, following the MOU signed between the two institutions during the launch of the Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict Handbook in Spanish in Bogotá (August 27, 2001). These areas are: Gender; Peace, democracy and Conflict; and Truth Commissions.

International IDEA has also signed an MOU with the Organization of American States (OAS). Together with the OAS Unit for Promotion of Democracy, International IDEA is implementing a programme of activities to promote and foster representative democracy in the Western Hemisphere.

Furthermore, in February 2002, International IDEA will co-organise a Seminar on 'Political Culture and Electoral Tolerance' in Bogotá, Colombia. The partners for this activity are the Colombian Consejo Nacional Electoral, the Colombian Registraduria Nacional and the OAS.

International IDEA will continue to work on the analysis of cross-cutting issues in the region such as: political reform and development; funding and internal democratization of political parties; national dialogues and agendas for development and democracy; and conflict management.

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