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In 2004, International IDEA has also published Voter Turnout in Western Europe: A Regional Report

In 2002 International IDEA released Voter Turnout since 1945: A Global Report (Acrobat format) at a conference of European Electoral Management Bodies in Palma de Mallorca, hosted by the Spanish Interior Ministry.

Voter Turnout since 1945 - A Global Report is the definitive statistical analysis of more than 1400 parliamentary and presidential elections held in over 170 countries. Political participation in different regions is analysed and corresponding information is presented on the impact of literacy, the relationship between turnout and a country’s wealth, and the link between civil liberties and turnout.

The Voter Turnout project was initiated in 1996. Since then International IDEA has published three editions of a global report on this subject and has set up a regularly updated website with the most comprehensive global collection of voter turnout statistics available (

The interest in both the website and the publications on voter turnout has demonstrated that this product is in very high demand among academics, researchers, students, practitioners, policy-makers, politicians and civil society.

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