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International IDEA's Work - Conflict Management
Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict

This is the flagship project of International IDEA's Conflict Management Programme. It builds upon the existing International IDEA Handbook, Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict: Options for Negotiators, published in 1998, as well as previous activities centred around the Handbook.

A regionalized Spanish version of the Handbook was launched at a seminar in Colombia in August 2001 - Democracia y Conflictos Profundamente Arraigados Opciones para la Negociación. The Colombian Ministry of the Interior, the Universidad Javeriana and the UN University for Peace co-sponsored the workshop, which was held under the theme of 'Democratic Institutions and Conflict Resolution'.

Using the Handbook as a basis, efforts have focused on consolidating the Democracy and Deep-Rooted Conflict Project and building a firm base for future developments within it. A main activity will be the development and publication of a small "Supplement" to the Handbook (working title: Culture, Conflict and Democracy), which takes the Handbook's approach of providing practical tools for conflict management, and applies it directly to the context of globalization, culture clash, and international terrorism. The project also assists in the design and implementation of the Institute's Field Division activities in conflict management based on the existing Handbook and the ensuing supplement. Joint field activities have included activities in Colombia and Georgia.

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