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International IDEA's Work - Political Participation
Youth Participation in Politics

In 1999, International IDEA undertook a study on the participation of young people in politics, Youth Voter Participation: Involving Today's Young in Tomorrows Democracy. The study concentrated on the voter turnout among young people in Western Europe, but also involved four case studies of non-European countries. In the same year, the Institute organized a Democracy Forum around the issue of youth participation on a broader scale. Building on the findings and inputs from these two activities, a new project is now being planned to undertake systematic analysis and develop strategies to help young people, together with mainstream political organizations, political parties, and civil society organizations, to effectively accommodate the needs and interests of young people.

In 2001, increased networking and advocacy is planned with youth organizations, non-governmental organizations, political party youth wings and other civic organizations. A "youth" website is being created to disseminate key findings from the Youth Voter Participation handbook, and provide an online forum for youth groups, organizations and young people themselves to network and discuss issues relevant to them.

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