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International IDEA's Work - Electoral Issues
Election Process Information Collection (EPIC)

International IDEA, UNDP and IFES are undertaking a joint project which aims to complement the ACE project through the provision of raw data on the election processes of most countries throughout the world. International IDEA and its partners hope that EPIC will be an invaluable resource for researchers, legislators, international and national election bodies and the media.

The first phase of the project, including research on 25 countries, was finalised in December 2001. The researchers stayed in close contact with the Electoral Management Bodies (EMB)in the respective country during this process. This close association was deemed essential for establishing the EPIC site as a a truly authoritative source.

In January 2002, the project entered into its second phase, which included research on more than 60 countries. The EPIC partners embarked on a regional approach in order to build both local ownership of the project and a more effective research process, using local researchers.

The six established regional hubs so far are based with the Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials (ACEEEO) (Hungary), Centre pour la gouvernance démocratique (CGD) (Burkina Faso), Electoral Institute for Southern Africa (EISA) (South Africa), Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE) (Mexico), The Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand Electoral Administrators Network (PIANZEA) (Australia) and the Servicio Electoral of Chile.

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Election Process Information Collection (EPIC)

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