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Project Partners

Centre for Liberal Strategies, Sofia.
Contact person: Dr Deyan Kiuranov
Faculty of Economics, Podgorica University.
Contact Person: Dr Sasa Popovich
Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade University. 
Contact Person: Dr Vladimir Ilic
Forum Magazine, Skopje.
Contact person: Mr Saso Ordanoski, Editor in Chief
IMAS - Institute for Marketing and Polls, Bucharest.
Contact person: Mr Alin Teodorescu, Chief Executive Officer
Institute for Contemporary Studies, Tirana.
Contact persons: Prof. Genc Ruli, President and Mr Artan Hoxa, Research Director
Institute for Sociology, Pristina.
Contact person: Mr Gjergj Rrapi
NUPI - Norwegian Institute for Foreign Affairs, Oslo.
Contact person: Dr Kari Osland
Prosperitet International Consulting, Banja Luka.
Contact Person: Mr Boris Divjak
PULS - Market Media and Public Opinion Research, Zagreb.
Contact person: Mura Palasek, Project Manager
SENSE - South East News Service Europe, Brussels.
Contact person: Ms Ines Sabalic
SMMRI - Strategic Marketing & Media Research Institute, Belgrade.
Contact person: Prof. Srdjan Bogosavljevic, Chief Executive Officer
Vitosha Research Institute, Sofia.
Contact person: Dr Alexander Stoyanov



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