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The Project: South Eastern Europe: New Means for Regional Analysis

International IDEA is exploring the Public Agenda in South East Europe in co-operation with the South Eastern Europe Democracy Support (SEEDS) network. SEEDS consists of a network of research organizations and think tanks in South Eastern Europe committed to applying a common research framework and methodology to assess what democracy actually delivers to people, as well as their perceptions of democracy as practiced in the region. Initiated in 2000, the project 'South Eastern Europe: New Means for Regional Analysis' is an undertaking of International IDEA to facilitate and promote democratic reform agendas that are owned and established by local stakeholders, principally in civil society and research institutions.

In 2001 International IDEA interviewed 220 politicians and other influential persons in South East Europe on their views on future regional development. 40 focus group interviews with ordinary people were also conducted to establish the hopes, expectations, challenges and concerns on the Public Agenda.

In March 2002 International IDEA released the results of a public opinion poll - the South Eastern Europe Public Agenda Survey - of 10,000 people from 9 countries and territories of the region, on topics related to democratic development and regional co-operation. The poll was conducted by local partners throughout South Eastern Europe in January - February 2002.

The full results of the South Eastern Europe Public Agenda Survey are available at

  • To make widely available the results so far achieved in the public agenda tracking work for policy-makers in the national, regional and international arenas, with a view to influencing public policy dialogues.

  • To continue strengthen the capacities of the SEEDS Network and provide support to its members to enable them to pursue their co-operation in support to the facilitation and promotion of locally owned democratic reform agendas.

  • To conduct two workshops on democracy and conflict management on democracy and reconciliation. Participants will mainly be drawn from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

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