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Introduction: South Eastern Europe: New Means for Regional Analysis

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Survey results

The three most important issues for citizens of South Eastern Europe are unemployment, poverty and corruption, according to the South Eastern Europe Public Agenda Survey, a regional opinion survey conducted by a network of regional survey organizations and think tanks supported by International IDEA.

The South Eastern Europe Democracy Support (SEEDS) network conducted the regional surveys involving a total of 10,000 face-to-face interviews during January and February 2002 in Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina (with a special survey for Republika Srpska), Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

According to the SEEDS network, this is the first time that a public opinion survey has been undertaken simultaneously in all nine territories of the Balkans.

Key areas covered:

  • Attitudes to democracy, political participation, minority rights and mass media;

  • Attitudes regarding present state of economy and the transition to market oriented policies;

  • Trust in national and international public personalities;

  • Trust in national and international institutions

  • Attitudes to regional and international co-operation, including the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

Summary and presentation of findings

Press Release (Download: English | Serbian - requires Acrobat reader)

This project is supported by International IDEA as an undertaking to identify and promote a public democracy reform agenda in co-operation with local think tanks and research institutes.

A first round of background research, based on focus group interviews throughout the region, took place before the base-line opinion survey and helped develop its questionnaires.

Policy Briefs

Policy Brief (Acrobat format) by Dr Vladimir Gligorov based on data collected for the SEE Public Agenda Survey.

Policy Brief (Acrobat format) by Dr Mark Thompson commenting on the most significant findings of the SEE Public Agenda, with specific recommendations for policy-makers in the region, policy-makers outside the region and intergovernmental organizations.




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